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This page is dedicated to filling SCC vacancies, here you will find the steps required to file nominations, available positions, if any, and the resources one will need to file to fill a vacancy for County and Senate District Representatives.

The State Central Committee (SCC) is the governing body of the Democratic Party of Hawai‘i (DPH). Every Senate District, County, and Caucus gets two (2) representatives of different genders. The Senate District Representatives of the SCC are elected by the delegates from their respective senate districts at the DPH State Convention while the County representatives of the SCC are elected at their respective county conventions in even number years. Caucus representatives are elected pursuant to their Bylaws and if there is no method in their bylaws then they are elected at the State Convention by all the delegates.

Should an SCC vacancy occur for a Senate District or County representative between conventions the County Committee in which the Senate District lies will be able to fill the vacancy with-in forty-five (45) days of the vacancy. If the position is not filled with-in the forty-five (45) days it is up to the SCC to fill them.

Caucus & Young Democrats Representative vacancies are filled pursuant to their respective Bylaws. Caucuses & Young Democrats have forty-five (45) days to fill the vacancy. If the Caucus fails to fill the vacancy in the forty-five (45) days then it is left up to the Chair of the Party to fill the vacancy.


Nomination Process:
Step 1 - Complete the nomination form. (Using the Google form or download the paper form)

Step 2 - Submit the required number of nominating signatures from fellow members of the DPH either via the Google form or via the downloadable paper form
     Senate Representative - Five (5) from the Senate district they are seeking to represent.
     County Representative - Five (5) from the County they are seeking to represent.
Step 3 - Pay the $10 (ten dollar) filing fee either via:
     ActBlue, or
     To submit filing fee via check: 
          Make check payable to: Democratic Party of Hawai'i
          In the memo section write: SCC Filing Fee
          Mail to: P.O. Box 2041, Honolulu, HI 96805
          Please include: Your name as you wrote it to be listed on the agenda.

Steps 1, 2, & 3 ALL need to be completed by the deadline.



There are currently ten (10) vacancies on the SCC that are being filed by their respective County Committee:

Location of Vacancy:

1. Hawaiʻi County Rep+

2. Maui County Rep^

3. Kauaʻi County Rep

4. Senate District 3+

5. Senate District 6^

6, Senate District 7^

7. Senate District 10*

8. Senate District 19*

9. Senate District 22*

10. Senate District 24* 

Candidate(s) can not identify as:

1. Female

2. Female

3. Female

4. Female

5. Female

6. Male

7. Female

8. Female

9. Female

10. Male


+ Hawaiʻi County = TBA

^ Maui County = Sunday, June 16, 2024 at 11:59 p.m. HST

Kauaʻi County = TBA

* Oʻahu County = June 22, 2024


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