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The DPH Constitution Article VIII, Section 9 provides for the process to identify candidates to fill midterm vacancies; and that can be found here:

Applicants must have been a member of the Democratic Party of Hawaiʻi for at least six months, and shall at the time of appointment be a resident of House District 29.


Completed applications need to be received by:

January 2, 2024 at 5:59 PM including required signatures.

Nomination Process:
Step 1 - Complete the nomination form. (Using the Google form or download the paper form)

Step 2 - Submit the required five (5) nominating signatures from fellow members of the DPH that reside in the district either via the Google form or via the downloadable paper form
Step 3 - House District 29 Council will meet on January 6, 2024 to vote on the three (3) names to be sent to the Governor.

Step 4 - Chair of the Party sends the three (3) names to the Governor.

Step 5 - Governor Green has until March 2, 2024 to appoint the representative for House District 29.

Steps 1, & 2, need to be completed by the deadline - Jan 2, 2024 @ 5:59 PM.




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